Salt water pool, outdoor

  • Generous sized pool: 12 x 6 meters (depth 1m – 1.8m)
  • Natural salty water from local springs located in Muratoarea Hill
  • Heath treasure, water is rich in minerals (chlorine, sodium, bromine, iodine, calcium, magnesium, sulfur) from sources with high mineralization (up to 513 grams / liter)
  • Bath treatments, suitable for detoxification, beneficial to the following affections:

    1. The locomotor system: degenerative rheumatic diseases (spondylosis, polyarthritis) and abarticular rheumatism (tendinitis, tendonosis, tendoperiostosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis), post-traumatic rheumatism (joint stiffness, postoperative status, post sprains / luxations / fractures status);

    2. Gynecological: ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis;

    3. Peripheral nervous system: mild paresis, sequels after polyneuropathy;

  • Comforting space, made of Naieni stone (limestone fossil, which comes from sediments of an ancient prehistoric sea)

Over time it was called “Little Paradise”, ” Buzau’s Pearl “, “Tthe Romanian Karlsbad “, “Little Switzerland” of Buzau’s Subcarpati or “The Walking Stick” because here the patients came in walking sticks and after the baths they miraculously left on their own feet.